Chelsea 660 Series PTO Pricing.

These Chelsea 660 PTO model assemblies we offer are complete kits, and contain everything you need to install and operate the PTO from inside the cab. Instructions are included to assist you in installing your new Chelsea PTO Kit.

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This page reflects the latest pricing at time of publication. Pricing is subject to change without notice. While we try to keep the page up to date it is possible pricing may change from the manufacturer.

660GFAHP-P3XD $1,015.95 PTO Assembly
660GFAHX-A3AZ $1,046.94 PTO Assembly
660GFAHX-A3XD$916.63PTO Assembly
660GFAHX-A3XK$981.78PTO Assembly
660GFAHX-A3XV $1,017.23 PTO Assembly
660GFAHX-A5XD$916.63PTO Assembly
660GFAHX-V3XD$861.89PTO Assembly
660GQAHX-A3XD$916.63PTO Assembly
660GQAHX-A3XV $1,017.23 PTO Assembly
660GQAHX-A3XY $1,114.56 PTO Assembly
660GQAHX-P3GA $1,151.51 PTO Assembly
660GQAHX-P5GA $1,151.51 PTO Assembly
660GQAHX-V3XD$861.89PTO Assembly
660GQJAX-A5XD$914.63PTO Assembly
660GSAHX-A3XD$916.63PTO Assembly
660GSAHX-A3XV $1,017.23 PTO Assembly
660GSAHX-A5RA$990.72PTO Assembly
660GSAHX-H3XD$725.30PTO Assembly
660GSAHX-V3XD$861.89PTO Assembly
660GSJAX-A3XD$914.63PTO Assembly
660GSJAX-A5AF $1,007.79 PTO Assembly
660GSJAX-A5XK$979.78PTO Assembly
660GSJAX-V5XD$859.89PTO Assembly
660KFAHX-A3XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660KSAHX-A3XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660KSBGX-W5XD$804.57PTO Assembly
660LSJAX-A3XV $1,010.27 PTO Assembly
660XFAHP-M3RA$887.12PTO Assembly
660XFAHP-M5RA$887.12PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A3AF $1,004.82 PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A3GF $1,077.74 PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A3GH $1,102.87 PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A3RB$985.76PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A3XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A3XV $1,012.27 PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A4XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-A5XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-H3XD$720.33PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-H5XD$720.33PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-P3XD$998.25PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-V3XD$856.92PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-V3XK$922.09PTO Assembly
660XFAHX-V3XV$957.54PTO Assembly
660XFDAX-A3XD$901.63PTO Assembly
660XQAHP-A3LD$986.39PTO Assembly
660XQAHP-A3XD$924.40PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3GA $1,059.96 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3GB $1,059.96 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3GJ$911.66PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3GK $1,049.04 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3RF $1,028.66 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3XK$976.82PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A3XV $1,012.27 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A4XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A5GA $1,059.96 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A5RA$985.76PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A5RF $1,028.66 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A5XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A5XK$976.82PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-A6XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-H3XD$720.33PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-P3GA $1,146.55 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-P3XV $1,098.85 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-P5GA $1,146.55 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3AZ$987.23PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3GA $1,005.23 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3GH $1,048.14 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3GK$994.31PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3RE$973.93PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3XD$856.92PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-V3XY $1,054.87 PTO Assembly
660XQAHX-W3XD$800.28PTO Assembly
660XRAHX-A3XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XRAHX-A3XX $1,001.30 PTO Assembly
660XRAHX-A3XY $1,109.60 PTO Assembly
660XRAHX-V3AF$950.10PTO Assembly
660XRAHX-V3GA $1,005.23 PTO Assembly
660XRAHX-W6XK$865.43PTO Assembly
660XSAHP-W3LD$875.01PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-A3GA $1,059.96 PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-A3XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-A3XK$976.82PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-A3XV $1,012.27 PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-V3AF$950.09PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-V3GF $1,023.00 PTO Assembly
660XSAHX-V3XD$856.92PTO Assembly
660XSBGX-A5XD$915.95PTO Assembly
660XSBGX-A5XK$981.12PTO Assembly
660XSDAX-A3XD$901.63PTO Assembly
660ZFAHX-V3GF $1,023.00 PTO Assembly
660ZFDAX-A3XD$901.63PTO Assembly
660ZFDAX-A5XD$901.63PTO Assembly
660ZFDAX-W3XD$790.24PTO Assembly
660ZQAHX-A3AZ $1,041.97 PTO Assembly
660ZQAHX-A4XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660ZQDAX-A3XD$901.63PTO Assembly
660ZQDAX-A3XV $1,002.24 PTO Assembly
660ZQDAX-A3XY $1,099.57 PTO Assembly
660ZQDAX-V3XD$846.90PTO Assembly
660ZSAHX-A6XD$911.66PTO Assembly
660ZSAHX-W6XD$800.28PTO Assembly
660ZSDAX-A3RY $1,119.75 PTO Assembly
660ZSDAX-A3XD$901.63PTO Assembly
660ZSDAX-A3XV $1,002.24 PTO Assembly